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Registered Charity No. 1118723

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Upcoming Events

Sunday Mornings

10.00am                -  Prayer in the Foyer

10:30am                -  Morning Meeting at Ceewood Hall

Monday Evenings

7.30-10.00pm       -  Leaders Meeting


10.00am-Noon    -  Tuesday Morning at The Oasis

7.00-9.00pm         -  Encounter Evening at The Oasis

                                   (except 2nd Tuesday of the month)

Wednesday Evenings

7.30-9.30pm         -  Witney House of Prayer at The Oasis


Witney Day Centre for the Elderly at Ceewood Hall

Second Hand Shop, 11 Fettiplace Road.

10.00-4.00pm Wed

10.00-1pm Sat         

(come for a bargain, a chat or to help !)


Other Events at Ceewood Hall

January 16th  2020

Open house at Adrians 7.30pm

May 8th-10th  2020

Scott and Hilary Dalton at Ceewood Hall

May 12th-15th  2020

Catch the Fire Partners Conference in Toronto

September 16th-17th 2020

Zak and Karen-Marie Gariba at the Oasis Centre